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Representing You

My Pledge To You



The ideal tax rate is 0.00%. The most recent tax reform bill (SB2001) was done without the consent of the people, only 62 hours of public input (where 104 legislators speaking for 3 hours with constituents would have been 312 hours) and reminiscent of England’s taxation of the colonies without representation. Sound fiscal responsibility is needed through the appropriation process of the citizens money, and the shrinking of government, not expansion.  The proper role of government is to protect Life, Liberty, and Property and not to seek to control and grant.


These are inalienable rights that government has the solemn duty to defend. Legislators shall make no laws that infringe on the freedom of religion, speech, press, peaceful assembly or to petition a redress of grievances.


We need to get the government out of this business. The plan will not happen overnight, and we will not abandon the poor, but we do need a long-term plan of moving back to the marketplace.  The Federal Government subsidizes the State of Utah Medicaid program with almost $5Billion annually, and they admit that the program is broke financially and operationally.


Works best when families and local communities are able to determine and control their children’s education.
I agree with every Republican President that the Department of Education “should be abolished” (Ronald Regan).  Federal overreach continues to fail our students and instruct values and lessons that are not consistent with our families.


“Shall not be infringed”. These four words are very specific and offer no room for error. The right to bear Arms is not simply for hunting or something the NRA controls, but is another inalienable right that government has the solemn duty to defend.

Principles Not Politics

Rights are


And do not come from Government

Limited Government

Government's role is to protect life, liberty, and property.

Personal Liberty for All

To decide what is best for them, and to be free to choose to succeed or to fail. Citizens are the sole arbitrators of what is best for themselves so long as their actions do not infringe upon the liberty or property rights of others.

Private Property Rights

Guarantee the right to maintain, control and determine the use of one’s property. A role of government is to defend and preserve property rights and uphold the rule of law.



Government can only provide that which it has first taken from the people, and therefore government programs and funding should be as minimal as possible for the government to perform its role.



No group should receive favorable or unfavorable treatment from the government.



The powers of the Federal Government are few and enumerated, and the powers left to the states or the people are broad and undefined.

Putting My Experience to Work

I am a lifelong resident of West Jordan city. I attended Riverside Elementary, West Jordan Middle School, West Jordan High School and the University of Utah. I am deeply devoted to the success of our great city and feel the responsibility to serve as a voice for you, my friends and neighbors.

Having seen the proper role of government slowly erode, and after years of political involvement and studying the solutions to restoring liberty, I am aptly prepared to represent my constituents and secure safeguards for their rights. Government exists to secure the rights and freedoms of all citizens, and I would drive a return to these basic concepts.

If everyone who said they were a friend to our Constitution actually acted that way, we wouldn't find ourselves in our current mess. Rather than listing promises as most do, I am more immediately concerned about getting to know those I'd represent individually and would invite conversation with those interested so that I may better understand how I can best serve in this capacity.



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