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11,393 line bill & ANOTHER Red Flag

SB111S1 – Higher Education Amendments (Thurston originally “no”, didn’t switch back, originally all said No as a fun joke for the Speaker of the House’s bill).

11,393 lines. One unified board of Higher Education, Add students and members at large to manage. Creates definitive role for the board. Est clear goals and missions for 16 institutions. One system not 2. Eliminate redundancy. Share services across systems. 4x's per year the heads of committees to meet and discuss. Allows greater flexibility to move credits from institution to another.

Concern that there is a lot in the bill and that it has happened very fast.

Johnson, it is a “big deal” and may be one of the biggest pieces of legislation.

McKell (chair H Ed.)– how to provide a change to the ROI of higher ed? This is a big step for education. Need to improve for our students and it does.

Handy, “Experience is the best teacher”. Doing the right thing for our kids, and we need to keep eye on the ball as this rolls out.

Eight Tech vs eight 4yr higher ed. Desire to grow the tech programs and associate programs.

2840          (3) If the governor is not satisfied with a sufficient number of the candidates presented 2841     by the nominating committee to make the required number of appointments, the governor may 2842     request that the committee nominate additional candidates.

Bills in Committee on Thursday!

Wednesday 8am

H.B. 241 Kindergarten Attendance Amendments -

131 (ii) If the student who is excused to attend a home school under this Subsection (2) is

132 excused from kindergarten, the local school board shall provide a kindergarten syllabus or

133 otherwise identify the knowledge, skills, and competencies a student is recommended to attain

134 before grade 1.

We heard 19 Bills in the House today (focus on the 3rd reading calendar from the Senate). \

5 opposed, with 3 over 10 votes in opposition.

SB67 - Disposition of Fetal Remains – “We don’t bury an amputated limb” (54-13-3)

Partisan vote

SB109 - New State Construction Set-aside for Art Amendments (57-11-7)

New limit of $200K on art in government new construction, not 1% of building.

SB127 - Nursing Licensing Amendments (53-15-7)

Deadline for accreditation of nursing programs – Extends 1.5yrs.

Doing this specifically for a single institution – Stevens-Henagar College (10 grad/yr)

- 19 NEW numbered bills

- 0 NEW requested bills – Seems like this is broken, and reporting not working correctly.

New Bills:

H.B. 471 Firearm Safe Harbor Amendments

34          (2) (a) A cohabitant or owner cohabitant may voluntarily commit a firearm to a law 35     enforcement agency or request that a law enforcement officer receive a firearm for safekeeping 36     if the owner cohabitant or cohabitant believes that the owner cohabitant or another cohabitant 37     with access to the firearm is an immediate threat to:

H.B. 474 Ticket Reseller Amendments

173          (2) It is unlawful for a person to accept payment for a ticket and not deliver to the 174     consumer who purchases the ticket a ticket that reflects the transaction to which both parties 175     agreed.

Total Bill Count

- House 480

- Senate 242

- House Concurrent Resolutions (HCR) 28

- House Joint Resolution (HJR) 23

- House Resolutions (HR) 3

- Senate Concurrent Resolutions (SCR) 13

- Senate Joint Resolutions (SJR) 13

- Senate Resolutions (SR) 1

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