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Abortion Revisions

One of the busiest days for NEW bills, and let’s focus on a new abortion bill; the first bill for new Rep S Christiansen HB364 – Abortion Revisions

• First – Need to know that this bill is copied from J Hoover’s 2017 HB2 in Kentucky that recently was upheld by the US Supreme Court; Hoover was Speaker of the House at the time, and had 34 legislators Co-Sponsoring the bill. Currently HB364 has no co-sponsors or floor sponsor for the Senate. Although almost 15 pages long, it really only adds ~50 lines.

• Second – The woman can refuse to “look” or “hear” any part of the procedure. (173-75)

o Aspects of HB2 that were not included in HB364

No provisions for medical emergency

No criminal offenses for an abortion performed contrary

No violation reporting to Utah Board of Medical Licensure

No definitions of “Asculate” or “Obstetric ultrasound”

Some abortion statistics:

• Medication abortions – 39%

• Have had one live birth – 59%

• Living below Federal Poverty ($15K/yr) – 75%

• Were using a contraceptive method – 51%

• Abortion prior to 8 weeks – 66%

o Video on week 1-9 development:

o Ultrasound images (first minute for weeks 5 – 10)

• Ages

o Younger than 15yrs: 0.2%, 15-17yrs: 3%, 18-19yrs: 8%, 20-24yrs: 34%, 25-29yrs: 27%

Please watch my video on Jan 31st “Abortion Rights”, and use this video as a companion study.

1. The Death of Humanness

Humanness dies in our Logic “The death of truth”

"When it gets right down to it, most people think the status of the fetus depends on whether they want it or not."

2. Humanness dies in our living – Here we get what we ask for “Religion has no place whatsoever in government”

3. Humanness dies in our language - Nazi document The Permission to Destroy Life Unworthy of Life: "The state must decide who lives and dies in order to keep the social organism healthy."

4. Humanness dies in our law - When we abandon truth, we abandon the idea that there is a higher law for everyone, even governments. This leads to Social Darwinism: the strongest rule; might makes right.

We must expose misinformation and refute the rhetoric

1. “I have a right to Choose” – can we choose to do anything we want? If not, then the real question is: Are we harming another human being here?

2. "I have a right to privacy!" "Can I molest or abuse my children as long as it's in private?" If not, then the real question is: Are human children being abused here?

3. "There should be no unwanted children in the world." Can we kill troublesome and difficult children that are already in the world that we don't want? If not, then the real question is: Are the unborn children or not?

4. "This baby will never have a meaningful life." Some say those like Nancy Cruzan are better off dead. Nancy Cruzan - On December 17, 1990, a judge in Missouri ruled that giving food and water to a severely handicapped woman through a tube in her throat was an extraordinary means of keeping her alive. The tube was removed. Eleven days later, just a few days after Christmas, dehydrated and starving, Nancy Cruzan died.

5. "The unborn is not a human being." What is a human being that you can say that the unborn is not one? At what point does the unborn become a human being? Would you be willing to outlaw abortion after the point you think the unborn becomes human? If not, then your point is not an honest one; it's not really about whether the unborn child is human or not.

We heard 10 Bills in the House today – First Bill to FAIL

HB104 – Responsibilities in an Emergency -

- 26 NEW numbered bills

- 18 NEW requested bills

Total Bill Count

- House 367

- Senate 165

- House Concurrent Resolutions (HCR) 21

- House Joint Resolution (HJR) 19

- House Resolutions (HR) 3

- Senate Concurrent Resolutions (SCR) 7

- Senate Joint Resolutions (SJR) 11

- Senate Resolutions (SR) 1

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