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Abortion Rights in Utah - Real or Not?

Focus on Abortion in the State of Utah, and current legislation. Did you know that Utah has close to 3,000 abortions performed annually? Up until 5 years ago when I became affiliated with ProLife Utah, I had no idea either. It was this particular topic that served to “wake me up” to the importance of politics and laws in our state.

Abortion Bills:


o Rape or Incest? This removes the provision requiring physician to report the abortion to law enforcement.

HB67 (1st Substitute) – Fetal remains, and final disposition (burial, versus garbage or sale).

- - Important lines

55 (4) "Dead fetus" means a product of human conception, other than those circumstances

56 described in Subsection 76-7-301(1):

57 (a) of 20 weeks' gestation or more, calculated from the date the last normal menstrual 58 period began to the date of delivery; and

59 (b) that was not born alive.

**Not yet numbered “Abortion Revisions” - law requiring doctors to describe ultrasound images and play fetal heartbeat sound to abortion seekers. Patterned after Kentucky HB2 from 2017 that was upheld by the Supreme Court on December 9, 2019.

Great YouTube Video:

Video I produced, and flew Dr. Aultman to the March for Life in 2018:

We heard 3 Bills in the House today

- 11 NEW numbered bills

- 8 NEW requested bills

Total Bill Count as of 1.31.20:

- House 239

- Senate 94

- House Concurrent Resolutions (HCR)

- House Joint Resolution (HJR) 14

Senate Concurrent Resolutions (SCR) 4

- Senate Joint Resolutions (SJR) 8

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