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Constitution Amendment and Romney Visit!

Lights, camera, and ACTION! Senator Mitt Romney pays a special visit to the GOP leaders, following his lone Republican vote to impeach President Trump. On the heels of this we get two new pieces of legislation to add to HB217. Side note, during the impeachment Trump raised close to $50 million in campaign funds, and Ben McAdams raised close to $1 million; for McAdams this is more than all Republicans combined.

Legislation Focus: SJR9 - Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution - Tax Increase Requirements

34 No

35 bill providing for a tax increase may pass without the assent of two-thirds of all members

36 elected to each house, regardless of whether the bill also provides for a decrease in another tax

HB 217 – Procedure for voters to recall a senator. This would be unconstitutional, and therefore will and should go nowhere.

Not Numbered – P Lyman Bll – Joint Resolution Censuring Utah Senator Mitt Romney. Now, Lyman does come from the Monticello area, and President Trump did shrink the size of both Bears Ears and Grand Staircase monuments. Censure means: “a formal statement of disapproval”.

- Blll “in process”:

- Artcile:

Also NEW today, and not numbered the Speaker of the House B Wilson has “Joint Resolution Paying Tribute to President Trump for his Support of Utah and Utah Issues” (his only bill so far).

Tough thing for Romney, is there are a lot of “flip flop” clips out there, and here is my favorite: -

If you missed the Statement made by Romney on the impeachment, here is a quick view. He is never one to make a “uncalculated move”, so what lurks behind the reasoning?


We heard 10 Bills in the House today

- 15 NEW numbered bills

- 22 NEW requested bills

Total Bill Count as of 2.5.20:

- House 279 - Senate 108

- House Concurrent Resolutions (HCR) 9

- House Joint Resolution (HJR) 14

- Senate Concurrent Resolutions (SCR) 6

- Senate Joint Resolutions (SJR) 9

- Senate Resolutions (SR) 0

Fun “easter egg” for those that have read this far down the notes!

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