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Last Day, Like Driving with a Teenager

We heard 129 Bills in the House today, with 2 bill failed and 1 Killed, and 19 with more than 10 votes in opposition – 37 Contested Bills. LOT’s of “Concurrence with the Senate”, at 28, so really 101 bills for the entire day.

Morning Session: 36 bills with 7 circled. 6 opposed, and 2 with more than 10 votes.

o SB220 - Confession of Judgment Amendments (47-17-11)

o Allows parties to enter into a confession of judgment before a default except in employment contracts and certain consumer credit contracts

o SB173 - Disrupting Legislative or Official Meetings (40-30-4)

o "Warning" given first, but class C if continue to offend. 5yr time limit. Includes lobbyist?

** “BOARD WATCHING” Interesting phenomenon that we need to touch on.

o This is where a legislator will wait to cast a vote until there are many votes on the voting screen, and then based on “what others are doing” will cast a vote.

o This is VERY OBVIOUS when a legislator has cast a vote (green or red) and then very near the end of the vote will change their vote.

Afternoon Session: 39 Bills – 13 Contested, 6 with ten or more votes, and 1 FAILED. Also: 11 were “Concur” bills • HB377 - Health Care Funding Amendments (58-14-3) “Concur with the Senate”


o Abortion is "healthcare", it will hurt women, and women will die. Medical "diagnosis" and no guarantee, Medicine and pregnancy and any potential issue.

o Ward, Ballard, Dunnigan, Hall, Winder and ALL Democrats Oppose - Most of these Repub. Were OK with the amendment to reduce to an infraction

• SB212 - Special Group License Plate Amendments (71-0-4)

o Design based on the "day of the dead"… YIKES

• SJR 12 - Joint Resolution Regarding Construction or Demolition Material (46-29-0)

o Requests the Utah League of Cities and Towns and the Utah Association of Counties to make recommendations as to local ordinances addressing diversion rates and reuse of construction or demolition materials available to their members;

• SB 198 - Substitute Teacher Training Requirements (21-49-0) FAILED

o Training req. for the county/district to train temp. teachers., this would be REQUIRED. What is the required training? - bill does not define

• SB205 - Eminent Domain Modifications (42-29-4)

o Notice to all owners, with default to property as a whole and not separate, bill contains the exact language that would be needed.

• HB222 - Start Smart Utah Breakfast Program (53-17-5) – “To concur with the Senate”

• HB233 - Natural Resources Legacy Funding Amendments – (52-17-6) "Concur with the Senate" Fed grant gift for funding and NOT depleted uranium

Evening Session: 50 bills. 18 contested, 11 with more than 10 votes, and 1 FAILED, 1 KILLED

• HB – 402 REGULATORY WAIVER PROCESS (63-11-1) -Same Democrats opposed

• SB 213 - Sepsis Protocol Requirements (42-32-1)

o "May" make protocol, Dept of Helath "May" look at the protocol? Is this different? So what is new, and what is this bill doing?

• HB364 – Abortion Revisions – is “circled” (41-32-2)

o Comments made on the discretions between sections of the bill. Motion to circle made by Rep Perry with Rep Ward supporting, and it then passed favorably. NO concurrence.

• SB 228 - Inherent Risks of Skiing Amendments (64-10-1)


-Original law in 1972, allows ski resort to waive items, and waive claims that are brought (negligence), allows for damage ca of $1Mil.(gross negligence not include) Concern that this is not heard in the House Committee. o BUT WAIT! Comes back and the Senate had refused to concur with the amendment, so the House motioned to recede (or remove the amendment) – (57-18-0) • SB 192 - Amendments Relating to the Military Installation Development Authority (59-12-4)

o Quinn, believes this is not for the military, but for a private developer to make $. Lot’s of “time wasting” from 9:30-10:20 to talk about a resolution for the sports commission.

• HB 23 - Tobacco and Electronic Cigarette Amendments (59-12-4)

o Almost ALL co-sponsors dropped off., move to concur.

• SB 239 - Refinery Sales Tax Exemption (50-18-7) o Tier 3 Fuels for exemption, "better fuel" than regular. 18month extension not 4yrs

• SB 118 - Tech Summit Expansion Amendments (42-24-9)

o Covers anything that is not a conference, gets money from the industrial Assistance Account

• SB242 - Charitable Drawing Amendments (25-42-8)

o Charitable Drawing is not a raffle • SB248 - Probation Amendments (46-23-6)

o Allows a court to modify probation to include a period of time served in a county - 3 NEW numbered bills

PASSED – 510 - Last Year they passed: 574 Heard/Debated – 791 Contested – 219

Total Bill Count

- House 495

- Senate 254

- House Concurrent Resolutions (HCR) 29

- House Joint Resolution (HJR) 24

- House Resolutions (HR) 4

- Senate Concurrent Resolutions (SCR) 14

- Senate Joint Resolutions (SJR) 16

- Senate Resolutions (SR) 1

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