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Disparage? According to Who?

HB209 – Health Data Authority Amendments – Barely got out of the House (40-35-0), Senate Committee passed out in under 2min.

31 (b) the disclosure is to the department or a public health authority to accomplish the

32 department or public health authority's duties and responsibilities under this title;

SB97 2nd Substitute - Personal License Plate Amendments – Passed House Committee and Floor with NO opposition.

37 (ii) Ŝ→ [disparage] disparages ←Ŝ a Ŝ→ [person or] ←Ŝ group based on:

38 (A) race;

39 (B) color;

40 (C) national origin;

41 (D) religion;

42 (E) age;

43 (F) Ĥ→ [gender] sex ←Ĥ ;

43a Ŝ→ (G) gender identity; ←Ŝ

44 Ŝ→ [(G)] (H) ←Ŝ sexual orientation;

45 Ŝ→ [(H)] (I) ←Ŝ citizenship status; or

46 Ŝ→ [(I)] (J) ←Ŝ physical or mental disability.

• Great example just a month ago “DEPORTM”

• Was heavily debated in the Senate, and proposed that perhaps the State should simply outlaw any personal license plates. The notion that “HIS TOY” or “HER TOY” could be deemed or thought as disparaging.

S.B. 37 Electronic Cigarette and Other Nicotine Product Amendments – 1,700+ lines! WOW.

New Bill: H.B. 428 Birthing Facility Licensure Amendments – Francis Gibson – Admin for IHC – Conflict?

SB174 that is a “trigger bill” was heard in Senate Committee (meaning, upon a higher court ruling that the States can determine abortion law, this would go into effect). PASSED, both Democrats opposed.

DID YOU KNOW? The Retirement package that the State of Utah provides?

Retirement Highlights: - Page 3.

We heard 27 Bills in the House today. 24 Senate bills FLEW THROUGH with almost no opposition.

There were 2 House bills that were contested: HB322 – Utah Raptor State Park ($10mil), HCR9 – Resolution to increase retirement contributions (again, the argument that private industry or other agencies are able to motivate police to switch).

- 21 NEW numbered bills

- 1 NEW requested bills – Seems like this is broken, and reporting not working correctly.

Total Bill Count

- House 435

- Senate 199

- House Concurrent Resolutions (HCR) 23

- House Joint Resolution (HJR) 21

- House Resolutions (HR) 3

- Senate Concurrent Resolutions (SCR) 10

- Senate Joint Resolutions (SJR) 12

- Senate Resolutions (SR) 1

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