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Utah State of the State & Appropriations

• State growth expected to reach 5.8mil population by 2065.

• Environmental Initiatives: Increase of the Frontrunner train/clean air quality

o Make public transportation as easy as private

• Warned of need for tax policy changes

o Recognized the referendum, and that he is “listening to the voice of the people”.

o BUT, are they really?

• Paid credit to the legislature for the strong economy… How does government grow economy?

• Education – States that an additional $2.6Bill has been invested over the past 9 years

WATCH OUT REPUBLICANS - Democrats response:

• Huge focus on how democrats “listen to the people” and tax bill – all pre-recorded.

Legislators HARD at work in their respective appropriation committees.

We heard 4 Bills in the House today

- 17 NEW numbered bills

- 12 NEW requested bills

Total Bill Count as of 1.29.20:

- House 224

- Senate 89

- House Concurrent Resolutions (HCR) 8

- House Joint Resolution (HJR) 13

- Senate Concurrent Resolutions (SCR) 3

- Senate Joint Resolutions (SJR) 8

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