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Final Day for Public Hearings

Bills heard in Committee(s) – 21 Committee Meetings TODAY; 88 Bills – Last Day for Committee

Passed: 84

Contested: 17

1 Vote - S.B. 171 Nonprofit Entities Amendments (Not Political, no disclosure of members),

2 votes S.B. 104 Local Education Levy State Guarantee Amendments (“equalization” process for funds where property taxes are lower than others),

1 Vote, S.B. 202 Public Education Financial Reporting Amendments – (LEA’s can amend reports/journal entry for financials),

3 Votes 2 D’s and R Ward - S.B. 174 Abortion Prohibition Amendments,

2 Votes H.B. 328 Division of Water Resources Study Update – Update Study on Green River

2 Votes H.B. 233 Natural Resources Legacy Funding Amendments – Conservation for a specific species on certain areas; data found to list or not list species. Revenue from Uranium (?) not here

1 Vote S.B. 206 Judicial Election Amendments – Info on retention eval on website.

3 Votes S.B. 173 Disrupting Legislative or Official Meetings – Cannot “disrupt/disturb”

1 Vote (2-1-4) S.B. 181 Local Referenda Amendments – Response to “Olympia Hills” / Unincorporated areas and notice requirements for 500 or more requirements.

1 Vote H.B. 357 Public Education Funding Stabilization – Constitutional Amend./ Pub Ed. Account

2 Votes HB364 - Abortion Revisions (5-2-1)

“Your reflection on the position is not appropriate, despite the Kentucky bill.” – Vickers

1 Vote – SB112 Inland Port Amendments – (6-1-3) Opposition over NO plan/NO Env. Study

1 Vote – SB196 State Purchasing Amendments (5-1-5) – Unopposed through the Senate

1 Vote – SJR9 Proposal to Amend the Utah Constitution – Use of Tax Revenue

“Lighten” burden on Income tax, and have Gen Fund for disabled kids

2 Votes – HB23 Tobacco and Electronic Cigarette Amendments (5-2-1) 49 Co-Sponsors D’s Opp.

Retail tobacco and e-cigarette age 21, restrictions on where shop is.

2 Votes – HB206 Bail and Pretrial Release Amendments (4-2-2)

Preemptive release for some charges, reduce time for bond forfeiture

2 Votes – HB377 Health Care Funding Amendments – Waiver for parental right from Feds for funding for services that the minor nationally doesn’t need to have parental consent.

Failed: 2

S.B. 208 Liability for Providing Services to Disabled Adults (4-5-3)

15 ▸ enacts provisions that limit the liability of an entity that provides habilitative

16 support services to an adult with a disability.

HB 118 Retail Tobacco Amendments (2-2-4) – 26 Co-Sponsors Most Dem’s

Place flavored e-cig. Under tobacco and regulate as such

Held: 2

Strange (?) – Senate Ec. Dev. & Workforce Service Committee: 2 bills passed out 3-0-4…


Public Ed.: Weighted Pupil Unit: $3,532 ’19 from SB4, $3,710 ’20 with SB2

We heard 53 Bills in the House today. 2 of them were “circled”.

15 opposed, with 6 over 10 votes in opposition, and TWO FAILED.

HB241 Kindergarten Attendance Amendments (23-46-6)

5yr child will need to "opt out" of Kindergarten. How nice for mom's to have a resource for kids to be dropped off too. Roberts study that Kindergarten doesn’t affect learning good or bad. "How do we help parents who are not doing their job" - Waldrip.


$40K Ban trans conversion of minors, aspects of transition that give concern - LUPRON that blocks puberty, and can cause harm

HB209 Health Data Authority Amendments (48-20-7) “To Concur with the Senate”

HB243 Warning Labels Amendments (57-11-7) “To Concur with the Senate”

HB394 Homeless and Transitional Housing Program Amendments (41-32-2)

Phase 3 of the Operation RioGrande. F Gibson rises and states that the Speaker asked him to work with Coleman. Would place one person over homelessness (direct $4mil), and give additional seats. Study was on the Road Home.


Person convicted, sentenced to 25yrs. AG says they have authority, local prosecutor says they have jurisdiction (was $4K bribe, and another has plead guilty). Nelson spoke against and stated this under-minded system to a committee. King and Lyman support.

- 5 NEW numbered bills

- 0 NEW requested bills – Seems like this is broken, and reporting not working correctly.

Total Bill Count

- House 493

- Senate 253

- House Concurrent Resolutions (HCR) 29

- House Joint Resolution (HJR) 23

- House Resolutions (HR) 4

- Senate Concurrent Resolutions (SCR) 14

- Senate Joint Resolutions (SJR) 15

- Senate Resolutions (SR) 1

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