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Last Day for Appropriations & More Predator Bills?

S.B. 143 Fiscal Impact of Initiatives (D Henderson) – Interesting that this is numbered today.

33 (2) (a) The Office of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst shall prepare an unbiased, good

34 faith initial fiscal impact estimate [of the fiscal impact] of the law proposed by the initiative,

35 not exceeding 100 words plus 100 words per revenue source created or impacted by the

36 proposed law, that contains:

37 (i) a [dollar amount representing] description of the total estimated fiscal impact of the

38 proposed law over the time period or time periods determined by the Office of the Legislative

39 Fiscal Analyst to be most useful in understanding the estimated fiscal impact of the proposed

40 law;

51 [(v) a listing of all sources of funding for the estimated costs associated with the

52 proposed law showing each source of funding and the percentage of total funding provided

53 from each source;]

54 [(vi) a dollar amount representing the estimated costs or savings, if any, to state and

55 local government entities under the proposed law;]

56 [(vii) a concise explanation, not exceeding 100 words, of the above information and of

57 the estimated fiscal impact, if any, under the proposed law; and]

58 (v) a dollar amount representing the estimated cost or savings, if any, to state or local

59 government entities under the proposed law;

60 (vi) if the proposed law would increase costs to state government, a listing of all

61 sources of funding for the estimated costs; and

62 [(viii)] (vii) a concise description and analysis titled "Funding Source," not to exceed

63 [50] 100 words for each funding source, of the funding source information described in

64 Subsection

As sad as we all are to see the Appropriation Subcommittee’s conclude their meetings, we must also prepare ourselves for a very busy second half of the session. Now, with the morning and afternoon ready for committees to meet and hear two to five bills each morning (7 Committees meeting on Tuesday, and 21-35 bills potentially to be heard), and the House and Senate now only meeting in the morning from 10am – 11:50am. This leaves the afternoon wide open, and nine (9) committees will be meeting in the afternoon. What does this mean? Well, it now means that your Legislator will be trying to get his/her own bills filed/ready/debated, sit on their own committee and hear other bills, AND be on the House floor voting on 20, 30, 40+ bills in a single day.

How can one person with an intern keep up? THEY CAN’T and they will need your help! Please make sure to keep up on those pressing bills that your legislator will need to keep an eye on. Your input can and will be the difference!

Take Away: So far we have heard 186 bills in the first 19 days of the sessions. Seems like a lot, until you appreciate that the vast majority have run uncontested. And why? Because the vast majority are making simple changes to existing legislation, and not introducing new law. Only 27 bill have been contested, and out of the 27 only 16 have been contested with more than 10 votes; or 8%.

Now, do not allow yourself to be lulled to sleep, because we have some big legislation that will be coming at us over the next 4 weeks! I’ll do my best to help provide my thoughts on those to proactively track and advise your legislator!

We heard 27 Bills in the House today. 9 were Circled. 3 were contested, with HB 224 Livestock Predators Removal Amendments (Snider of Eden, and a Rancher), HB222 Start Smart Utah Breakfast Program (Johnson, Logan Retired Principle).

- 14 NEW numbered bills

- 10 NEW requested bills

Total Bill Count

- House 346

- Senate 144

- House Concurrent Resolutions (HCR) 15

- House Joint Resolution (HJR) 16

- House Resolutions (HR) 3

- Senate Concurrent Resolutions (SCR) 7

- Senate Joint Resolutions (SJR) 10

- Senate Resolutions (SR) 1

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