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New Bill: E-Cigarettes Outlawed in State


878 76-10-113. Prohibition on the manufacture, distribution, sale, possession, and use

879 of electronic cigarettes.

880 (1) It is unlawful for any person to knowingly manufacture, distribute, sell, offer for

881 sale, give, furnish, buy, attempt to buy, accept, or have in the person's possession any electronic

882 cigarette in the state.

883 (2) Except as provided in Subsection 76-10-105(2), any person who violates this

884 section is guilty of a class A misdemeanor.

885 (3) (a) This section does not apply to an individual who is 21 years or older, and is:

886 (i) on active duty in the United States Armed Forces; or

887 (ii) a spouse or dependent of an individual who is on active duty in the United States

888 Armed Forces.

889 (b) A valid, government-issued military identification card is required to verify proof

890 of age under Subsection (3)(a).


1. What about Freedom of Choice?

2. Most all studies agree that e-cigarettes are safer combustible cigarettes. Why not ban cigarettes?


Ron Paul said it very well in 2009 “My objections to the bill [e-cigarette] are not an endorsement of tobacco. As a physician I understand the adverse health effects of this bad habit. And that is exactly how smoking should be treated — as a bad habit and a personal choice. The way to combat poor choices is through education and information. Other than ensuring that tobacco companies do not engage in force or fraud to market their products, the federal government needs to stay out of the health habits of free people.”

Citation released from GOP leadership to President Trump thanking him and recognizing him.

House Health and Human Services Committee

• Heard SB 67S3 from Senator Bramble and Rep Lisonbee – the woman as the “right to: determine the final disposition of the remains of the aborted fetus;” (Lines 603-4)


• Status: Has 100% partisan vote – Democrats OPPOSE, Republicans SUPPORT (But not R Ward, Family Physician from Bountiful) (

o Worried about social impact, and medical privacy…

o Those in support discuss the “need for choice”

o 3rd substitute introduced dealing with pathology

We heard 21 Bills in the House today – Second Bill to FAIL

HB107 – Effective Teachers in High Poverty Schools Incentive Program Amendments-Program is really for Grades 4-6, but is seeking to apply to grades 1-3, and Kindergarten.

- 23 NEW numbered bills

- 16 NEW requested bills

Total Bill Count

- House 382

- Senate 169

- House Concurrent Resolutions (HCR) 21

- House Joint Resolution (HJR) 21

- House Resolutions (HR) 3

- Senate Concurrent Resolutions (SCR) 7

- Senate Joint Resolutions (SJR) 12

- Senate Resolutions (SR) 1

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