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New Homeless Legislation & Another Red Flag

Only 1 week left! – Next Thursday is the final day of the 2020 General Session

House Government Operations Committee - March 05, 2020 (PASSED 8-1-2, Daily-Provost Against)

H.B. 394 Homeless and Transitional Housing Program Amendments

- Proposed to continue the “Operation RioGrande” phases of helping the homeless.

o Phase 1 – Remove the criminal element (police going in). “Triage”

o Phase 2 – How we can divert people to get direct services they need.

 Resource Centers, how they got to this point? Mental Health & Substance Abuse

o Phase 3 – Increase the accountability and seek to make a change. It would set up a “leader” and authority to one person. (Senator Scott Howell – Ret.) Discussion is that the committee is not doing well with the mandate to change the face of homelessness. DWS in opposition, but should be in favor so we can help. Lieutenant Governor demanded that Coleman introduce the 1st amendment that would gut the bill. Model that has started since 1986 “Continuum of Care” to meet quarterly (should be weekly) to determine the best thing to do. Need someone with authority to make the decision, similar to police chief or any business.

We heard 19 Bills in the House today.

9 opposed, with 6 over 10 votes in opposition.

- SB131 - Small Mining Operations Amendments (53-19-3)

o Partisan vote - Changes "small from 10 acres to 20 acres, and from 5 to 10 acres

- HB377 – Health Care Funding Amendments (56-16-3) – ALL Dem’s oppose

o Bring Title 10 back to Utah - Planned Parenthood has been sole recipient, with $2.2mil per year, separation of abortion and Title 10 must be separated with Trump. Grant REQUIRES to give contraceptives to minor without parental consent. We cannot get because of parental consent for kids getting birth-control. Bill would strive to give pre/post natal care, adoption, and contraceptives with Parental Approval. Private entities are given consideration because of their more efficient nature.

- HB288 - Prosecutor Data Collection Amendments (53-19-3)

for the fiscal note and the burden placed on local municipalities

- HB332 - Special Needs Scholarship Amendments (46-24-5)

o Scholarships for special needs ln 527 (apply) &533 (once they receive) City will lose the funding if the child takes this route - Briscoe - Income tax credit for donations, $6,il note, Carson Smith scholarship? Amend constitution to change income tax?

- HB402 - Regulatory Waiver Process (58-11-6)

o "sandbox" (live experiments in controlled environment)to apply and be part of innovative process/development for insurance and Block-Chain tech

- HB364 – Abortion Revisions (47-20-8)

Utah Medical Association now support the bill with the change(s) to language.

4th Sub – 2nd Amendment (response to line 126, Licensed mental health professional to OK)

an informed consent bill”

 See images, and hear heartbeat (if possible)

 Give women the best information, then determine whether to abort or not.

 Based on Kentucky Bill, Supreme court did not hear. (cites voting record, and minority)

 “Is an informed consent bill”, and strives to give each woman the best information possible

• Give better info – Still gap in many women who say they did not know?

• Understand Risks – Physical (Increased death) and Emotional Risks (trauma)

 Safety of the Transabdominal Ultrasound – Is administered to many today. M-Mode/Doppler and others to decide the right technology to use.

 Close: Women need more complete, relevant and truthful info.

vote to empower and import women. And finally to save a life.

- 13 NEW numbered bills

- 0 NEW requested bills – Seems like this is broken, and reporting not working correctly.

Bills in Committee on Friday!

Friday 8am

H.B. 435 Crime Victim Reparations and Assistance Board Amendments (B King)

• Again, think H.J.R. 101 Joint Resolution Approving Swallow Settlement

H.B. 390 Amendments to Asset Forfeiture

New Bills:

SB 246 – Extreme Risk Protection Order Requirements – T Weiller ANOTHER RED FLAG

12 ▸ enacts the Extreme Risk Protective Order Act;

13 ▸ defines terms;

14 ▸ enables a law enforcement officer to ask a court to restrain a person from possessing

15 any firearms or ammunition for a specified length of time;

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