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Over 300 NEW Bills in One Day!

One of the first “contested” bills in the session so far!

HB 57: TOWING SIGNAGE REVISIONS, requirement to place signage that a person parking in a private area can be towed. Rules of lot must be clear, and consistent across the state. Goal to make “fewer people towed”. Some opposed to this based on “predatory towing”. Again, for those that are in “favor” they continue to reference the large discussion with “stakeholders”. However, not one single private individual has testified about this bill! WE THE PEOPLE are the stakeholders, not special interests.

- Passed with 40 Yea, and 26 Nay, with 9 not voting.

We also had 288 NEW bills released! Now, these are coming out because the legislators had to bring all “secret” bills (or bills they are working on, and may not want or be prepared for the attention the bill may have created a few weeks ago). Link (use quickly where it will be gone in a few days!):

- LOT’S to look at, but here are some titles that stand out to me:

o Conceal Carry Firearms Amendments - Brooks

o Concurrent Resolution Calling for the Creation of a National Federalism Task Force - Christofferson

o Medical Cannabis Physician Amendments – Dailey-Provost

o Prohibition of Transgender Procedures upon Minors - Daw

o Inland Port Modifications – Gibson

o Medicaid Amendments – Eliason

o Property Tax Amendments – Ferry

o Controlled Substance Database Access Amendments – Hall

o Automobile Insurance Amendments – Hutchings

o Medical Cannabis Criminal Amendments – Lisonbee

o Horse Racing Amendments – McKell

o Constitutional Convention Delegate Selection – Nelson

o Firearms Revisions – V Peterson

o Electronic Cigarette Amendments – Ray

o Sexually Explicit Materials Amendments – Weight

o Concurrent Resolution Opposing the Introduction of Wolves – Wilde

o Medical Cannabis Financial Transactions Amendments – Escamilla

o Ski Resort Liability Act – Hemmert o Abortion Prohibition Amendments – McKay

o Body Camera Amendments – McKay

o Death Penalty Amendments – McKay

o Asset Forfeiture Amendments – Weiller

Definition of Terms:

- Bill: Legislative Proposal, these affect citizens, individuals, and organizations

- Concurrent Resolution: Do not have the force of law. Used to make or amend rules in House or Senate.

- Joint Resolution: Very similar to a bill. Used for emergency appropriations, or to propose changes to the constitution.

- Resolution: Address the prerogative of one of the Houses; House or Senate. No force of law, and generally express sentiments. For a complete definition please see:

We heard 12 Bills in the House today

- 13 NEW numbered bills

- 288 NEW requested bills

Total Bill Count as of 2.7.20:

- House 292

- Senate 110

- House Concurrent Resolutions (HCR) 9

- House Joint Resolution (HJR) 15

- House Resolutions (HR) 1

- Senate Concurrent Resolutions (SCR) 6

- Senate Joint Resolutions (SJR) 9

- Senate Resolutions (SR) 0

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