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Wanna talk Gambling and Fires?

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

We heard 40 Bills in the House today, with one bill failed, and only 5 with more than 10 votes in opposition – 18 Contested Bills. LOT’s of “Concurrence with the Senate”, at 13, so really only 27 bills for the entire day.

Morning Session: 17 bills with 2 circled. 7 opposed, and 4 with more than 10 votes.

o SB81 - MOTION PICTURE INCENTIVES AMENDMENTS (50-21-4) o Removes the cap on cash rebate incentives allowed for any one motion picture.

o SB153 - BUSINESS PAYROLL PRACTICES AMENDMENTS (45-25-5) o Fines of $2K-$4K imposed for offense/citation for contractors/electricians/plumber; not doing payroll correctly, doing payroll taxes and tracking. Hiring illegally or worse for small companies? Stratton, this is too much regulation to the business community. No, those who suffer most are those that are trying to comply and work correctly, but are competing with others who are going about tings in the wrong way. trying to avoid taking care of emp. and if there is an accident.

o SB162 - EDUCATIONAL FINANCIAL AID FOR STUDENTS WITH A CRIMINAL RECORD (49-22-4) o Removes restriction for those with criminal record. Seegmiller, nervous for heinous crimes. Can it be a factor to consider criminal record? More ed. Will help with recidivism, these scholarships are for HS Student who take 2 yrs language, 1 yr of sciences, and 4yrs English. Helps to prepare for H Ed.

o SB104 - Local Education Levy State Guarantee Amendments (58-14-3)

o Democrats opposed Afternoon Session: 2 Bills – 1 Contested, none with ten or more votes. • Olympics • SJR95 - Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution - Use of Tax Revenue (66-5-4)

o Proposal to support children with disabilities through the ed. Fund. Much discussion.

o Evening Session: 21 bills. 10 contested and only 1 with more than 10 votes, and 1 FAILED • SB214 - Gambling Machine and Sweepstakes Amendments (63-8-4)

o LONG discussion and many lobbyists in hallway spreading rumors. Many rise in discussion and how this hurting neighborhoods and business, police called. 2nd sub from Ray for game of chance vs game of skill. Sponsor says this is a hostile measure.

• SJR3 - PROPOSAL TO AMEND UTAH CONSTITUTION -- ANNUAL GENERAL SESSIONS OF THE LEGISLATURE o Allow to set statute start date, prior to 4th Monday in January. There will be a 2nd bill. Will there be enough time to get fiscal note? Regular jobs are tough to tie out year end and get legislation ready for 1st week of January • SB134 - Property Tax Exemption for Wildfire Prevention FAILED (20-52-3)

o LONG Discussion Various areas cost more/less to fight fire. $12K per load for plane, $3K for fire truck per day. If people mitigate the risk of their property burning, can reduce up 80% of cost towards property tax; only if county approves, and the fire approves/works with.

Consolation prize is Speaker Wilsons Jazz Tickets

- 2 NEW numbered bills for the Coronavirus…

Total Bill Count

- House 494

- Senate 253

- House Concurrent Resolutions (HCR) 29

- House Joint Resolution (HJR) 24

- House Resolutions (HR) 4

- Senate Concurrent Resolutions (SCR) 14

- Senate Joint Resolutions (SJR) 15

- Senate Resolutions (SR) 1

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