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Why I'm Different

When speaking with delegates they want to know how I am different from the other candidate. I am happy to report that as Republicans, we are very similar on many issues, but we are also very different. A shortlist of key areas that set us apart includes:

Steve supported this with “No Regrets”.

I opposed this during the special election, and would not have voted for it.

Stephen failed to pass a single piece of legislation 

I am prepared to go to work quickly, understand the process of bill creation, legal drafting, committee & floor debates, and garnering not only the support of fellow legislators but above all the support of those in my District.

Steve opposed this bill.

This bill preserves our natural rights as a constitutional amendment, making it much more difficult to change over time. I would not have opposed this bill.

Steve supported this bill.

This bill makes the act of holding a cell phone a crime, even though no crime has been committed. This is not sound policy, and violates our natural rights of “innocent until proven guilty”. I would have opposed this bill.

Steve supported this bill.

This bill sought to appease Salt Lake City and other stakeholders, all while proceeding with no definitive business plan, no environmental study, and the loose language of “may” instead of “shall” in critical areas. I would have opposed this bill.

Sponsored Legislation

HJR15 - Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution - The Right to Hunt and Fish

HB101 – Distracted Driver Amendment

HB347 – Inland Port Modification

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